College Escrow, Inc.
Established June 12, 1992
  • College Escrow is a full service escrow company and regulated by the Department of Business Oversight.  We have operated by our own proprietary business and escrow safeguards that we have developed, maintained and monitored since 1992!  
    • Certified Escrow Officers by the California Escrow Association
    • Escrow Agents Fidelity Corporation
    • The Escrow Institute
    • California Escrow Association 
    • American Escrow Associtaion 
    • Better Business Bureau accreditation
    • Best Practices  
    • Licensed, Bonded, criminal background checks of all employees, owners and stockholders
    • Audited by random regulator audits, monthly audits and annual CPA audits 
    • Maintains trust fund insurance of $5,000,000.00 
    • Onsite management experience requirements
    • Pass random regulator audits, annual CPA audits and monthly third party reconciliations

What separates an independent licensed escrow company from the rest is that our sole business is providing escrow services. No outside controlled business arrangements.    














department of business oversight escrow   

       consumer protection bureau    

      Better Business Bureau     

        Escrow Institute      

        California Escrow Association



Our mission is to provide the highest standard of service to all of our customers.  Since 1992, we offer over 20 years of professionalism, efficiency, integrity and security to our customers. 

We have continued to set ourselves apart by making it our priority to go over and above escrow licensing requirements.

We believe in personalized attention.  Each transaction has its own intracacies, and as such, our team is available to provide the highest level of individual attention, service, knowledge, and expertise.

Our goal is to process each transaction with our mind-set always to be part of the solution and not that of the challenge.  In doing so, we satisfy our customers.

We are a full service escrow company – dedicated to serve you.  We understand each customer’s foremost concerns and always strive to expedite the escrow process – we are focused. 

We recognize our customers as our most important asset.  Our sincerest compliments have always been referrals of family, friends and business associates. 

It’s Our Job…It’s Your Choice

College Escrow, Inc.

“The Wise Choice” 

We strive to continually provide the most exceptional escrow service - we look forward to serving you and trust you will agree - College Escrow is THE WISE CHOICE !Y

ou guys did fantastic and were so patient with me !!  I will pass on the word that it was a pleasure to work with you all !!! ... Thank you so much for the wonderful news.  It has truly been a pleasure working with you all….Awesome guys, thanks for all your hard work ! … Thank you Miss Laurie. You are the bomb! … Nice – Great working with you! … Thank you so much.  Appreciate a job well done.

"Thank you so much for hanging in there!  I really am fortunate to have such a bright awesome lady as an escrow officer with your great team."  

"Great job and thank you for taking a lot of heat on this one - We love you!"

"Thanks for all your help and cooperation.  It is always joy to work with you.  Thanks once again for all your help"  

"Thank you so much for making this transaction so smooth!  We really appreciate your hard work and effort!  Hope we can do more business in the future - Thanks again!"